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The Camptonville Community Courier

The inspiration for the Courier came out of a 1996 Town Hall Meeting where the first 'communications team' met.

Present at the pioneering Courier meeting were Roger Rapp, Cathy LeBlanc, Bob Carpenter, and Dwayne Dobbins. The first issue came out in April of 1997. This was its focus, as described in the first issue:

"The Camptonville Community Courier is a basic forum to spread information about local happenings.

The emphasis, at least for now, will be on updates from local groups, announcements of upcoming events, and swap info. From time to time, we may run feature articles of local concern.

We're open to all ideas, so get in touch.

We're trying to keep it a simple, brown-paper-wrapper kind of publication that will be representative of all walks of life here in the greater Camptonville area."

April, 2017, marks the 20th Anniversary of The Camptonville Courier. We're proud that our small community of about 650 people has kept this free, volunteer-produced, monthly newspaper going for 20 years so far. That's an archive of 240 issues of community caring!

Over the 20 years, six Editors have held the reins (Roger Rapp, Rod Bondurant, the Ruff Family, Diane Winslow, Nicole Mizener, and Shirley DicKard), along with supportive teams of dedicated volunteers. The Courier has also been self-sustaining, thanks to our loyal advertising base and generous donors, as well as all the community volunteers who help wherever needed.

Though The Courier retains much of its original simple, brown-paper-wrapper flavor from 1997, it has also evolved to reflect the ever-changing concerns of our place, times, and population. We welcome contributions that are relevant to our small mountain area and that follow the guidelines located in the sidebar. We look forward to hearing from you.