Next CCSD Meeting
Monday, May 21, 2012
7:00 pm
Camptonville School

Fire Department

Water Department


The Camptonville Community Service District

The Camptonville Community Service District (CCSD) is responsible for the oversight of Fire, Water, and Cemetery matters in Camptonville. Cemetery District The Camptonville Community Service District (CCSD) officially incorporated the Camptonville Cemetery District into itself just this last year. The cemetery has been without policies to govern and maintain it. Here are examples of some areas needing policies: Who is eligible to purchase a cemetery plot? How many burials are allowed in each plot? How does CCSD pay for the cost of marking all the plots and cemetery maintenance? What type of floral tributes or plants should be used? The main goal of the Camptonville Service District is to maintain the cemetery and to improve its appearance as a source of community pride. In order to meet the needs of Camptonville citizens (past and present) and to maintain and further develop the cemetery, the cemetery district needs to be adequately funded—which now it is not. The Camptonville Community Service District’s board of trustees has begun the process of adopting an initial set of policies and new fees for the Camptonville Cemetery. The policies will be fashioned after other small cemetery districts; the fees will increase as required by California Civil Codes. Thus, there are many considerations to explore. If you are interested or concerned, please come to the next CCSD meeting, Monday, March 19, 7pm at the Camptonville School. Over the last few years, a small group of people have cared for our cemetery. Many thanks to Rochelle Bell, Stephanie Korney, Rod Bondurant and many other volunteers for keeping the Camptonville Cem-etery safe and presentable.